Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder Review

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Quick Overview



  • Space-saving
  • Visually-appealing design
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile grind settings
  • Allows continuous grinding
  • Uses burrs instead of blades
  • Low heat maintains coffee flavor
  • Ideal for grinding small batches


  • Helical burr may sometimes leave one or two whole coffee beans
  • Small hopper opening
  • No grind size number indicator

Caffeine brings lots of benefits to our bodies. Still, it’s just one of the many reasons why we start our days by drinking coffee.

What happens when you’re not at home and you wish to prepare your morning cup of joe? This Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder review will show you that this device should be on your list coffee must-haves.

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Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder Review

The manufacturing company Brim has been a household name when it comes to coffee-making equipment. From kettles to espresso makers, it has a deep arsenal of appliances you’d want to have in your coffee corner.

Today, we’ll focus on coffee lovers who usually grind coffee in small batches. Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder has got you covered!

Who Is This Product For?

The question is, who will benefit the most from this product? Anyone who lives alone will certainly enjoy this handheld coffee grinder. If you dread preparing coffee because your coffee maker produces too much coffee grounds, this is for you. Not only will you cut the time needed for prepping but also prevent unused grounds from going stale.

With the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder, you can make just enough coffee ground for one or two cups. Additionally, it’s also relatively easy to use. So, if you always have a lot of things to do every day, you will love this device because of how convenient it is.

Do you love going out on adventures? If so, then you’ll appreciate that this coffee grinder is very compact. It’s almost the same size as a regular tumbler. As such, you can have a great cup of coffee on your camping or hiking trips with this product.

Lastly, compared to other options, you’ll find that it’s very affordable. Because of this, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars just to complete your setup.

What’s Included?

The package includes one unit of the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder. For easy storage, you can separate the grinder into two pieces. The upper portion holds the motor, lid, and electricity port. The lower part holds the bean hopper, burrs, and the coffee bin.

Also included in the package is a power cord. You can detach the power cord to lessen the inconvenience when packing or storing the grinder. However, keep in mind that it needs to be plugged in to operate, so be careful not to lose it. The cleaning brush, carafe, and filter for coffee drips are not included.

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Overview of the Features

To determine whether or not this coffee grinder is worth its salt, we need to take a closer look at its features. All of the things you will love about this product are in the unit itself. Combining aesthetics and functionality, we present to you the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder.

  • Compact Build

The first thing you’ll notice about this grinder is its shape and size. It stands at just about 9 1/2 inches with a width of 3 1/2 inches. Because of this, it wouldn’t take too much space on your kitchen table or countertop.

Additionally, the overall design allows it to blend naturally with almost any kind of kitchen theme.

  • Semi-Portable

The Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder is also semi-portable. It weighs one and 1/2 pounds, making it very easy to carry anywhere you go. Whether you’re hiking or traveling, you wouldn’t feel its weight on your back.

We also mentioned that you need to plug it in to make it work. Unfortunately, this coffee grinder is not rechargeable, so make sure you have a power source if you plan to bring it to your outdoor trips.

  • Silicone Grip

The upper portion of the device features a black silicone grip. With this, you can easily detach the motor from the rest of the unit, revealing the bean hopper’s opening. The silicone grip ensures ample leverage, preventing you from accidentally dropping the unit and breaking it apart.

  • Nine Grind Settings

Despite its size, this coffee grinder is very versatile. It has nine grind settings, from fine to coarse. All you have to do is twitch the upper portion to the left or right to adjust the ground’s coarseness.

With this many settings, you can choose among a wide range of brewing methods for your coffee. From coffee drips, espresso, or French press, the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder guarantees you get the appropriate coarseness.

  • Continuous Grinding Option

At the topmost part of the device opposite the electrical port is a button that turns on the device. What you’ll like about this is that after turning it on, you can leave it for a few seconds while it grinds the coffee beans. It’s more than enough time to grab your creamer, milk, or other coffee needs.

  • Helical Burr

The Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder uses two helical burrs to grind the coffee beans. The best part about grinding coffee using burrs instead of blades is that there’s a very specific space with which the coffee ground can enter.

With this, you can guarantee that the coffee ground is consistent, and you won’t have large coffee particles that the blades were unable to cut. Instead, you can be sure that your coffee grounds will be of the same size.

Keep in mind that this grinder uses helical instead of conical burrs. Therefore, some coffee beans may not be pushed properly onto the burrs and just slide on top of them, leaving you with one or two whole beans on the hopper.

  • Slow Speed, Low Heat

One major disadvantage you’d find in large coffee grinders or grinders that use blades is that the motor produces too much heat. This can sometimes diminish the quality of the beans, causing them to lose their flavor.

The burrs in this coffee grinder grind, crush, and cut the beans at a slow speed. This significantly reduces the grinder’s heat production, allowing it to maintain the beans’ flavor before, during, and after cutting them.

  • 30-Gram Bean Chamber Capacity

Whole coffee beans rapidly decrease in quality 15 minutes after grinding. As you can imagine, this is a problem for people who wish to prepare just one cup of coffee at a time. Producing too much coffee ground will only lead to wasted beans, as you won’t be able to use all of them immediately.

The Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder only has a 30-gram bean chamber capacity, which is just perfect for preparing a single cup. No more wasted coffee grounds for everyone who loves small batch grinding.

You will notice that the size of the hopper’s opening is quite small, which can be a problem if you have a large measuring spoon. You might have to grab a funnel or use your hand as a tube to deliver the beans into the hopper and prevent them from spilling.

  • Back Discharge

Lastly, this coffee grinder features a back discharge function. After the burr finishes grinding the beans, the ground coffee is sent to a built-in container. A small door then opens to get the ground coffee and transfer it to another container.

One problem with this design is that if you forget to close the door, the ground coffee may spatter out of the grinder and spill onto your countertop. Additionally, you can’t remove the container, so you’d have to tilt the device to pour the ground coffee out, potentially making a mess.

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How To Use the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder

This Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder review will be incomplete if we don’t show you how to use the device. By learning how to use it properly, you can be sure that you won’t mess up another batch of coffee grounds ever again.

Step 1: Make sure the tray door is closed.

The first thing you need to do is check that the tray door is closed shut. If you don’t, you will end it with ground coffee all over your countertop.

Step 2: Access the bean hopper.

The next step is to access the bean hopper. To do this, grip the silicone portion of the device and twist it counterclockwise. It should give you a noticeable clicking sound, which means you can now detach it from the unit.

Step 3: Pour your desired amount of beans.

As mentioned, this coffee grinder can hold up to 30 grams of whole beans. However, you can adjust this measurement according to the amount of ground coffee you need for your brew.

If the opening is too small, use a funnel or turn your hand into a tube to deliver the beans into the hopper. After doing so, place the upper portion back and twist it to the right to make sure it’s locked in place.

Step 4: Select the grind size.

The next thing you need to do is decide on the grind size, which will depend on your brewing method. The Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder has nine grind settings. The problem is, there are no numbers on the grind size indicator, so you’d have to determine it on your own.

The small black dot on top of the Brim name is the finest grind size, perfect for espresso. The third to sixth or seventh dots indicate medium grind for drip coffee. Lastly, the seventh to ninth dots represent the coarsest grind for a French press.

Step 5: Plug it in and start grinding.

After choosing your preferred grind size, plug the grinder into an electric socket. The electric port is at the topmost rear part of the grinder. Once everything is secured, press the button opposite the electric port to start grinding.

The hopper is transparent, so you can see how much of the coffee beans are still left. If there are no coffee beans left, stop the process by pressing the button again.

Step 6: Twist two open the tray door.

To access the ground coffee, you need to open the tray door. Do this by holding the lower part of the device and twisting the base to reveal the tray door. It may give a notable level of resistance, so be sure that you have a container waiting. You might also want to clean the grinder afterward.


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We understand that you may not see this grinder as the perfect tool for your coffee sessions. In that case, one worthy alternative we’d like to suggest is the KRUPS GX336D50 Silent Grinder.

It is half an inch taller and one inch wider than the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder. Because of this, it has a higher coffee bean capacity at three ounces or 12 cups. The best part is that the coffee bin is removable, preventing you from making a mess.

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On the other hand, if you want something portable, check out the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. At 7.5 by 1.8 by 1.8 inches, it is more compact than the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder.

Moreover, it boasts 18 grind size settings and does not require a power source at all. You just need to spin the hand crank at the lid to start grinding the beans. Because it operates manually, taking it with you on your trips will be effortless.

Is the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder Worth It?

So, is the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder worth your money? We won’t deny that it needs a few improvements in some areas. Still, at its current state, we can confidently say that it is a fantastic option for those who prefer single-coffee servings.

It’s also easy to see how much its visual design gives the coffee grinder a luxurious and quality look. Plus, its user-friendly functions make this an excellent tool for coffee lovers of all ages. Without question, making a great cup of coffee has never been easier and more attractive with the Brim Handheld Electric Coffee Grinder.

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