How to Grind Coffee Beans for a Keurig in the Right Manner

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Keurig machines have become a trend since before the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Since people needed to work remotely, they also wanted their reliable brewer ready to make a cup at all times, even at home.

However, while there is a wide range of Keurig coffee flavors and blends, some might not find the flavor they desire.

The good thing is that a Keurig can now accept coffee grinds.

All you have to do is learn how to grind coffee beans for a Keurig so that your coffee comes out at optimum quality.

What Is a Keurig?

Keurig Dr Pepper is a beverage and beverage-maker conglomerate that is one of the very first producers of single-serve coffee pods and coffee makers.

In essence, Keurig is the general term for any beverage brewing system designed by the company for home and commercial use.

Although the company began in 1992, its first single-serve coffee makers and coffee pods came out in 1998.

Unfortunately, since it uses coffee pods instead of coffee grinds, a Keurig is not a coffee maker with a built-in grinder.

Why Grinds Instead of Pods?

While the Keurig K-Cup Pods are a revolutionary approach to assembling a beverage quickly and easily, they have also received much criticism.


Unlike other coffee pods that work as instant coffee filters for various coffee maker brands, Keurig K-Cup Pods only work for a Keurig machine.

While you can bring your K-Cup pods with you wherever you go, a Keurig machine is not always available.


Since each single-serve K-Cup beverage comes in a single-use plastic pod, they’re not environmentally friendly.

For each cup of coffee you make with a K-Cup pod, you will be throwing away a small plastic cup into the garbage bin.


Switching to a pack of ground coffee is much more economical.

Depending on the coffee bean variety and package size you like, a pack of K-Cups pods can cost much more.

In addition, even a half-pound pack of freshly ground coffee will yield more cups than a single pack of K-Cups pods.


Although Keurig makes it a habit to produce new K-Cup pod flavors regularly, they just can’t have everything for everyone.

More and more people would like to stick with their favorite coffee blends, and they’d like to be able to do that with a Keurig.


With your personal choice of coffee grinds, you have the freedom to make authentic coffee the way you like it.

Fresh coffee grounds mean enhanced flavors and aromas.

Furthermore, being able to adjust the coffee ratio means having the ability to increase or decrease the strength of the coffee.

However, since a Keurig does not have a built-in grinder, you will need a good burr coffee grinder or a pack of freshly ground coffee.

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How a Keurig Works

When making coffee using a Keurig and its K-Cups, the entire process takes less than a minute.

A needle punctures the top of the pod and fills it with hot water.

Since the pod compartment fills up with water, a second needle punctures the bottom of the pod so that the mixture flows into your cup.

Unlike other coffee machines, a Keurig speeds up the process by keeping hot water in its tank at all times.

Nevertheless, using coffee grinds in a Keurig essentially converts it to a drip brewer.

To use coffee grinds on a Keurig, you need the Keurig My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter.

It works with the latest Keurig coffee makers and Keurig Classic Series machines to extract full aroma and flavor from coffee each time you brew.

How to Grind Coffee Beans for a Keurig Correctly

If you got used to brewing K-Cups on your Keurig, you should know that the process slightly changes when you decide to use ground coffee.

Initial Setup for Coffee Grinds

First, you have to replace the K-Cup pod holder on your Keurig with the My K-Cup filter mechanism.

Only then can you use coffee grounds on your machine.

Also, depending on the type of Keurig you own, you might need to remove the adapter from the bottom of the My K-Cup filter holder.

Grinding Beans to the Right Size

The grind size of freshly roasted beans is essential when shifting from K-Cups pods to ground coffee.

Keurig recommends using a coarse grind for their My K-Cup coffee filters, just like for a French press.

When we say coarse, we mean that your coffee grinds should have a consistent size that is not smaller than a millimeter.

For comparison, grind your coffee beans to have particles the size of rock salt or coarse sea salt.

Grinding your coffee beans down to this size ensures that you get the richest flavor and aroma for your coffee.

Furthermore, If you have this grind size consistent for your ground coffee, it won’t ever clog the mesh filter on the My K-Cup.

Flavor Adjustment With Additional Filter

If you need to adjust the flavor to something a bit stronger, try producing a medium to medium-fine grind from your coffee grinder.

However, shifting to a finer grind can clog the My K-Cup universal coffee filter and decelerate or disrupt the brewing process.

To prevent this from happening, use additional paper filters to line the interior of the My K-Cup filter.

Doing so ensures that your My K-Cup is easier to clean, and you won’t ever have problems brewing each strong cup of coffee.

With that extra filter layer, you can use pre-ground coffee or even make your own blend of fine grinds from different coffee varieties.

The Right Ground Coffee for Your Keurig

The best way to know how to grind coffee beans for a Keurig is to understand how the machine works.

Since it works differently between K-Cups and ground coffee, you‘ll see the difference in results by trying out both methods.

Additionally, creating the best cup of coffee can be very subjective.

While Keurig recommends using coarse grinds for their machines, it will all boil down to how you want your coffee.

Just don’t forget to add that extra filter so you won’t have clogging problems.

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